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Modular software – one program
for all applications

Our software solutions improve processes and operational tasks in laboratories, hospitals and non-profit organizations worldwide – from contact management to consumable warehousing and transport management.


Assemble your software based on the modular design principle – tailored to the requirements of your daily business operation.

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Increase the functionality of your molpe-software through our Add-ons: Simple, flexible and at any time.

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Our packages molpe.CELLPREP, molpe.CIRS, molpe.MAWI and molpe.DROPZONE are ready to use sets of modules and add-ons which are pre-configured and tested.

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We develop our software in accordance with the following standards:

  • ISO 13485
  • GxP
  • EU GMP (Annex 11)
  • GAMP5
  • FDA 21 CFR (Part 11)

Benefit from our software modules with maximum flexibility

Combine different modules according to the requirements of your company and assemble your own individual solution. The modular design, in combination with a universal database structure ensures that all available modules can be integrated flexibly. In addition, sources of errors are avoided, collaboration is improved and processes are optimized through the common database.


mople.BASIS is the fundamental component on which all other modules are based, retrieving and centrally administering all components which you require for your daily business operation. molpe.BASIS contains all basic functions, such as the user administration and the user friendly master data administration.


Combine your software using the modular principle.


administers all contacts as well as tasks and campaigns. Furthermore, the module depicts the finance management including the creation of thank-you letters and receipts for donations. The data is stored in a central database and changes are logged to document the complete client lifecycle.


contains the complete workflow, order and document management as well as the verification check and the threshold monitoring of measurements and inputs. Through the barcode-based assignment of the document to the order fulfilment, wrong assignments are avoided. Workflow monitoring supports the option of time-controlled resubmission.


enables access to the data of stored processes – any time and from anywhere. External service providers are able to access and process their work orders. molpe.WEBPORTAL is platform independent and works with all common operating systems, tablets and smartphones.


supports the administration of the consumables warehouse – from the delivery of incoming goods to shipping. All storage and retrieval processes are logged. Freeze and thaw cycles are clearly listed in a registry. Defined lists of disposable items also ensure free warehouse storage capacity, thereby minimize storage costs.


is the complete solution for laboratories and ensures seamless laboratory sample tracking from the delivery of samples to the transmission of medical results. Orders and samples, to and from clients can be easily transferred via interfaces. All Workflows can be configured flexibly depending on the client and order type.


is a material administration system in which all master data, orders, delivery dates and batch documentations can be managed. Included in the delivery is a comprehensive delivery management as well as a batch release module in compliance with AMG standards.


supports the planning of couriers as well as the travel itinerary of patients. The couriers are automatically tracked allowing you to react accordingly in case of unplanned delays. Sections of the routes are confirmed by SMS, ensuring a continuous tracking of blood transfusions.


enables the dynamic creation of questionnaires through web-based input via PCs, tablet or smartphones. Due to individually configurable questions and input fields via the user interface, each questionnaire can be created based on your own requirements and defined according to specific purposes.

Mit unseren Add-ons können Sie unsere Softwaremodule beliebig erweitern.


with our Add-ons you are able to extend our software modules as you wish and customize them to your requirements.


Increase the functionality of your molpe-software through our Add-ons: Simple, flexible and at any time.

molpe Etikettierung generiert Code128, QR Code und Data-Matrix Code, ebenso die Etikettierung für ISBT128 Labels, GRID, SEC sowie Sonderformatierungen.


creates medical product labelling for ISB128 Labels, GRID, SEC as well as special formatting and generates Code128, QR Code and Data-Matrix Code. The direct control of Zebra printers through EPL and ZPL always ensures the best possible legibility of the labels. All relevant processes are documented in label accounting.


enables the individual integration of devices and partner interfaces. In addition to providing an API, the module also contains the configuration of your existing corporate infrastructure. This enables the automatic data exchange with SAP, DATEV and other applications. At the same time all common formats such as CSV, XML, HL7 or LDT are supported.


evaluates freely definable indices individually and enables monitoring of the sub-process times as well as the timeframe from the start to the end of the process (“needle-to-needle time”). Faults or gradual changes to the runtime are recognized at an early stage thus preventing or minimizing economic damage.


At the same time we provide all necessary tests for validation with our molpe.BASIS basic system and include them in the overall system. Additionally, we support you in risk assessment and routine tests. We are also happy to prepare a validation plan and a comprehensive interface documentation for you.


supports device and equipment administration with all information, scheduled maintenance dates and documentation; thereby creating maintenance and verification plans. Should maintenance or repairs be required or when device errors occur, the responsible party will be notified. The responsible party can then take the appropriate steps and document the downtime of the equipment in the system.


Our packages include a pre-built, configured and field-tested set of modules and Add-ons which were combined into a comprehensive software solution that is ready to use. An extension with our modules and Add-ons is easily achievable at any time.



is a ready and fully configured software package for the validation of the manufacturing area. The consistent use of barcodes, a detailed rights and roles system, a summary of past deviations and the automated generation of documents support the apheresis, production and release and help to prevent errors.

molpe.CELLPREP represents complete processes of the peripheral stem cell apheresis, bone marrow extraction and donor lymphocyte infusion.

The package was developed in accordance with the GMP, GAMP5, EU GMP Annex 11 and FDA 21 CRF (Part 11).

Overview of individual workflows
  • Donor information
  • Extended order information
  • Donor clearance
  • Bone marrow and stem cells extraction
  • Quality control
  • Further processing
  • Labelling
  • Manufacturing documentation
  • Test documentation
  • Release for donation
  • Quality control 2
  • Quality control 3 (sterility control)


is a Critical Incident Reporting System allowing employees to anonymously report critical incidents or errors which would almost have or have led to damages. This enables a seamless logging and evaluation. Risks can be identified at an early stage and preventative measures can be implemented in time.

Increase patient safety and optimize the quality of your facility with molpe.CIRS.


Overview of the beneftis
  • Anonymous reporting of critical incidents and errors
  • Supplement predefined questions with your own questions
  • No storage of personal and location related data (e.g. IP address)
  • Authorized employees evaluate the incident and propose a solution to the problem
  • Evaluation of all reports in EXCEL and PDF
  • Accessibility
    • Message via browser
    • Evaluation via molpe.BASIS


is a materials management system in which all master data of articles are managed. The integrated stock monitoring ensures an optimally stocked warehouse. molpe.MAWI allows you to easily administer your material warehouse and always gives you a complete overview of your material consumption.

The package is developed for the GxP area and can be used directly without a long lead time.

molpe.MAWI was developed in accordance with the GxP and EU GMP Annex 11 standards.

Overview of the benefits
  • Order system
    • Automatic registering of the required materials through minimum stock quantity
    • Administration of orders and quotas
    • Creation of order forms (Word, PDF), optionally available as an e-mail attachment
  • Batch release module according to AMG
  • Consumption
    • Consumption and removal overview
    • Display of stock sales of all stored items for a certain period
    • Logbook of all activities (Storage, relocation, outsourcing)
  • Quality management
    • Documentation of reagent controls and batch control test with reagents
  • Inventory/Stock control
    • Inventory registration through desktop application or mobile hand-held scanner (also offline)
    • Evaluation of inventory by means of actual and physical stock comparison
  • Master data
    • Administration of all relevant data
    • Creation of safety instructions and risk assessment of hazardous substances
    • Automatic generation of chemicals/hazardous substances registers list, based on safety instructions and risk assessments
  • Hazardous substances list
  • Stock monitoring
    • Constant inventory control per storage area
    • Minimum stock monitoring (total stock/per storage area)
    • Optional triggering of automatic orders
  • Warehouse administration
    • Outsourcing/Relocation of goods delivery via desktop application or by means of mobile hand-held scanners
    • Creation of own articles from individual components
  • WebApp for mobile hand-held scanners
  • User administration
    • Administration of user groups and access controls
    • Flexible and configurable user access rights concept
  • General
    • Filter for all views
    • Excel-export of charts


is suitable for controlled file sharing of large files within your company and with partners. Customized access rights and auditable logs give full control over the files. The integrated PDF, image and text viewer enables instant viewing, while an intelligent version management automatically recognises and implements version control on new uploads. Multi-Upload is an ideal tool for bulk file uploads – it has an integrated virus scanner and provides you with the possibility to organise the files in project folders. The correct access rights are thus set automatically.

molpe.DROPZONE alerts you when a new upload has taken place in the project group.

The files are stored on your company's IT infrastructure or on a server operated by us.

Overview of the benefits
  • File management
  • File and folder level access rights
    • Upload
    • Download
    • Reading / viewing directly within the browser
  • Additional folder level access rights
    • Create folders
    • Renaming files and subfolders
  • Folder management
    • Sharing folders or files between users, partners, authorised personnel or individuals (through identification)
    • Authorisation matrix for management of access rights
  • Audit log
    • Logging of uploads, downloads and read access
    • Documentation of folder level audit trail – “log book”
  • Versioning
    • Automatic adjustment of the document version number after uploading a modified document with the same document name
    • Previous versions can still be viewed/retrieved
  • Deletion of documents / recycle bin function for admins
    • Restoration of deleted documents by admin
  • Virus check of all documents during upload (optional)
  • Search across all files and folders of a user
  • SSL/TLS encryption
    • Encrypted file transfers between users and the system
  • Storing files on an NFS/CIFS file share
    • Storing files on a secure file server with backup function - not on a web server
  • Oracle database
    • Storing data and structures in database scheme
  • Module for molpe.WEB
    • Dropzone upload for structured uploads with predefined name masks and management of the process progress in molpe.WEB

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