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molpe Etikettierung generiert Code128, QR Code und Data-Matrix Code, ebenso die Etikettierung für ISBT128 Labels, GRID, SEC sowie Sonderformatierungen.


creates medical product labelling for ISB128 Labels, GRID, SEC as well as special formatting and generates Code128, QR Code and Data-Matrix Code. The direct control of Zebra printers through EPL and ZPL always ensures the best possible legibility of the labels. All relevant processes are documented in label accounting.


enables the individual integration of devices and partner interfaces. In addition to providing an API, the module also contains the configuration of your existing corporate infrastructure. This enables the automatic data exchange with SAP, DATEV and other applications. At the same time all common formats such as CSV, XML, HL7 or LDT are supported.


evaluates freely definable indices individually and enables monitoring of the sub-process times as well as the timeframe from the start to the end of the process (“needle-to-needle time”). Faults or gradual changes to the runtime are recognized at an early stage thus preventing or minimizing economic damage.


At the same time we provide all necessary tests for validation with our molpe.BASIS basic system and include them in the overall system. Additionally, we support you in risk assessment and routine tests. We are also happy to prepare a validation plan and a comprehensive interface documentation for you.


supports device and equipment administration with all information, scheduled maintenance dates and documentation; thereby creating maintenance and verification plans. Should maintenance or repairs be required or when device errors occur, the responsible party will be notified. The responsible party can then take the appropriate steps and document the downtime of the equipment in the system.

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