Combine your software using the modular principle.


administers all contacts as well as tasks and campaigns. Furthermore, the module depicts the finance management including the creation of thank-you letters and receipts for donations. The data is stored in a central database and changes are logged to document the complete client lifecycle.


contains the complete workflow, order and document management as well as the verification check and the threshold monitoring of measurements and inputs. Through the barcode-based assignment of the document to the order fulfilment, wrong assignments are avoided. Workflow monitoring supports the option of time-controlled resubmission.


enables access to the data of stored processes – any time and from anywhere. External service providers are able to access and process their work orders. molpe.WEBPORTAL is platform independent and works with all common operating systems, tablets and smartphones.


supports the administration of the consumables warehouse – from the delivery of incoming goods to shipping. All storage and retrieval processes are logged. Freeze and thaw cycles are clearly listed in a registry. Defined lists of disposable items also ensure free warehouse storage capacity, thereby minimize storage costs.


is the complete solution for laboratories and ensures seamless laboratory sample tracking from the delivery of samples to the transmission of medical results. Orders and samples, to and from clients can be easily transferred via interfaces. All Workflows can be configured flexibly depending on the client and order type.


is a material administration system in which all master data, orders, delivery dates and batch documentations can be managed. Included in the delivery is a comprehensive delivery management as well as a batch release module in compliance with AMG standards.


supports the planning of couriers as well as the travel itinerary of patients. The couriers are automatically tracked allowing you to react accordingly in case of unplanned delays. Sections of the routes are confirmed by SMS, ensuring a continuous tracking of blood transfusions.


enables the dynamic creation of questionnaires through web-based input via PCs, tablet or smartphones. Due to individually configurable questions and input fields via the user interface, each questionnaire can be created based on your own requirements and defined according to specific purposes.

Mit unseren Add-ons können Sie unsere Softwaremodule beliebig erweitern.


with our Add-ons you are able to extend our software modules as you wish and customize them to your requirements.

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