molpe.DROPZONE for your filesharing

Everyone knows it: files are sent internally and/or to partners, the person authorised to receive them changes something and sends it back again. This procedure not only requires storage space but after a while, it also gets very confusing.

Introducing – file sharing with molpe.DROPZONE!

Configurable access rights and auditable logs give you full control over your files and informs you who has accessed them.

Thanks to the intelligent version control management, new uploads are automatically recognised and versioned, so no one loses track.

The integrated virus scanner checks all documents during upload, therefore no compromised documents can slip through.

Best of all, your files are stored on your company's IT infrastructure. If you don't have the capacity, the storage can also be performed on a server operated by us.

We will be happy to prepare a customized quote for you.

Learn more about molpe.DROPZONE here.